My pithy salute on the announcement of her final summer leading Sundance Institute after a decade long run at the helm of an organization I care about so dearly. The last time I had the luck of seeing her in person was serendipitously at the Prospector Theatre for “Nine Days” at the 2020 Film Festival, when she appeared at a late night screening (popcorn in hand) just to support the filmmaker and producers by being there.

Keri Putnam on Main Street circa 2015, I’m fairly certain she’ll hate this photo but I love it too much not to pull it out of the archives one last time.

1) Damn, she’s got standards. I mean you better be shooting for threes every time (or trying) or she’ll remind you that you missed…

(no one’s asking for it, but it felt good to imagine a new future)

First photo ever of an Inauguration. James Buchanan, President of the United States, at the east front of the U.S. Capitol, March 4, 1857. Montgomery C. Meigs Papers — Library of Congress

My fellow Americans, I stand before you here on the steps of the nation’s capital in a ceremony that dates back to the founding of this nation — it is the full display of our values, and our commitment, that this country will always have a peaceful transition of power and will always, and forever, follow the will of the people. Not just in times of great uncertainty, but precisely because of them, does this tradition continue and always will. It’s the benchmark of our democracy…

It’s on. Finally. And anyone on the “left” who cares deeply about the outcome only cares about one, single, thing — stopping the chaotic and corrupt presidency of a man who should never have been elected in the first place.

Like you, I too am “in it to win it” at any cost. So here are the humble three steps a middle-aged white man living in Michigan thinks you need to bring this prize home.

1) I’ll go out on a limb because that’s where the fruit is, and declare simply that this first suggestion is the magic bullet —…


  1. He’s one of the last, true people-persons in the business. Whether you’re an intern, or a young filmmaker making your debut, or Ryan Gosling — he’ll treat you with kindness, honesty, and always root for your success. He’s a champion of others, not himself, and that’s a rare and beautiful thing.

I was born after the age of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and yet his life and leadership still have an impact on me. I remember vividly the times in my public education we’d study him, and the Civil Rights movement in America, resulting in both inspiration and heartbreak at the same time.

Each year on this national holiday, we probably all reflect on how much progress remains to be made in elevating the African-American experience in our culture, and how much work lies ahead in fulfilling the promise of equality and justice in our society. …

… the first international day dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations didn’t start until 2012.

David Barr (1939–2015) at his home in Novi, Michigan

By that point, David had already been working on his project to create an outdoor experience celebrating Art, Nature and History for 17 years — devoting all his time and energies for free with only the hope of sharing it with others.

David had his own personal Giving Fridays, Giving Saturdays and Giving Sundays for two-decades as he completed teaching sculpture classes at Macomb Community College before jumping into his pick-up truck and driving through the night upstate to Thompsonville — where he’d work tirelessly all…

Northern Michigan Arts Organizations Collaborate to Celebrate 2019 International Sculpture Day with Special Guided Tours and a Social Media Contest that’s an Art Lover’s dream come true.

International Sculpture Day | Saturday April 27, 2019

We’re uniting in celebration of International Sculpture Day, an annual worldwide event on April 27 organized by the International Sculpture Center to advance the understanding of sculpture and its unique contribution to society.

For the first time in almost 20 years, I am missing the Sundance Film Festival — I thought a few weeks back that I was cool with it, but on the eve of tomorrow’s opening night my heart aches to be there. So for every one of my friends who are on mountain time already, or on their way, here are 10 little tidbits from me to you.

1) You are so lucky you are there. Nothing else matters, not the coolness of your condo, or the tickets you did or didn’t get, or the parties you may or may not get into. You are there: ground zero for creativity. Let is wash over you and reset all the great beliefs in your life, that’s what it does and that’s what it’s there for. You are about to be filled with hope for the world.

2) E-waitlist the hell outta that thing and be richly rewarded. The best films you might see are the ones you never expected, trade tickets, go to anything, and see it all…

When I set out to find a combination of gorgeous wild Michigan scenery, rustic cabin vibes, and a remote location where I hoped for no cell signal, I thought it wouldn’t be easy. But sitting just a two-hour drive north of Traverse City, the historic Wilderness State Park in Carp Lake gave me everything I was hoping for and a few surprises that I didn’t expect.

Founded in 1922, Wilderness State Park is over ten-thousand acres and twenty-six miles of pristine Lake Michigan coast covered with thick pine forests alive with critters from otters to bobcats to black bears. …

Joseph Beyer

Idea Agitator

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