Ten True Things About John Cooper

  1. He’s one of the last, true people-persons in the business. Whether you’re an intern, or a young filmmaker making your debut, or Ryan Gosling — he’ll treat you with kindness, honesty, and always root for your success. He’s a champion of others, not himself, and that’s a rare and beautiful thing.

10) It had to be fate or destiny that took Cooper from being a volunteer at the Sundance Institute to becoming the Director of the Film Festival and steering the organization on so many levels. He has always been a leader of great processes, and he fills them with integrity and purpose and shared vision. He’s always seen the festival as a whole, and thinks of how everything and everyone fits together within it. From the biggest things to the smallest details — and everyone “on the mountain” will get to feel it one last time.

We know it’s not your last cartwheel, xoxoxo.




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