The Challenge of Diversity

“Landmark for Peace” Memorial, Indianapolis | Greg Perry and Daniel Edwards, Artists

As Executive Director of Michigan Legacy Art Park, a post I’ve held now for over a year, I’m constantly hoping and looking for ways our work can reflect the full diversity of the world we live in. Our Board of Directors, volunteers, and staff share this aspiration. And I think our supporters and fans do too.

“Untitled” 2000 | Martin Puryear, Artist

Martin Puryear — Born 1941

Richard Hunt — Born 1935

Richard Hunt

Noah S. Purifoy — Born 1917

“No Contest” 1994 | Noah Purifoy, Artist

Beulah Ecton Woodard — Born 1895

“Two billion — Creation” 1950 | Beulah Woodward, Artist

Charles McGee — Born 1924

WATCH: Charles McGee — The Artist | 2019 Legacy Gala Tribute

Senga Nengudi — Born 1943

1977 | Senda Nengudi, Artist




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Joseph Beyer

Joseph Beyer

Idea Agitator

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