Weapons of Mass Seduction: Eden Jones

Cabin №56 Gallery Summer Solstice Guest Artist

Sunday June 25 | Click Here to RSVP

Artist / Adventurer Eden Jones

“I’m a stickler for a good brushstroke.”

All hail the beach, that’s what I have to say about summer! My early memories are with my mom and siblings, spending endless time playing under the hot sun and jumping into the ocean’s thrill. I remember always being in my floral, one-piece bathing suit, digging holes in the sand and making ocean “jacuzzis,” collecting sand crabs in a bucket and begging my mom to let us take them home to keep them as pets.

I’m all about texture and what the paint looks like. I’m a stickler for a good brushstroke. I want people to know that my pallet is what I see and an escape to life; it’s a way for my mind to drain out all my thoughts and not think about anything except what goes on my canvas.

Well, a lot of artists get inspired by nature I think. Art is beautiful and nature is beautiful, but without nature first, I don’t think art can exist. That’s just me.


Yes! I love the woods. I love the forest. I love the sweet, peaceful sounds it gives me. I go to Yosemite Valley every year — volunteering, cleaning out the Merced River, so I’ve gotten a love for all the land and nature it has shown me. Also, growing up in Los Angeles, we have everything from woods, to mountains, to deserts, to beaches. So we’re very lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful landscapes. They give us the chance to be adventurers.

Hmmm … I love the beaches, the secret spots only the locals know, and the charm it has. Everyone knows each other, it’s a very hometown feel. We care for the locals, and the history of this quaint hidden-side of Los Angeles, and the things from the past that make this special town groovy and exciting.

Artist / Adventurer Eden Jones

Embodying the understated art scene in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Eden Jones began drawing at an early age and has been pursuing a career in art ever since. Holding her Associates Degree in Studio Arts, she has studied drawing, jewelry design, fabrication and sculpture. Most known for her fluid, minimalist nudes, she evokes that same soulfulness to her abstract, acrylic paintings with a bolder, colorful, contemporary style. Eden has been featured in South Bay Contemporary Gallery, Hermosa Design, The Ego Fine Art Gallery and others.

Editor’s Note: we’re hanging some of Eden’s gorgeous and emotive paintings in the second-edition of our Cabin №56 Gallery Fundraiser on Sunday, June 25 in the Angeles National Forest. I am simply stoked. Hike on down to see her work and to help raise funds for the Big Santa Anita Canyon Permittees Association, established in 1928 to steward and protect the historic US Forest Services cabins in this historic part of the Angeles National Forest.



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